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Introducing the FREE Playful Placemats pattern

I am thrilled to announce the very first pattern available from Cedar Quilt Co! I really wanted to kick things off with an approachable and fun project that anyone can tackle if they have the desire to quilt. Yes, even total beginners! I have learned so much over the past couple of years on my quilting journey, and I knew that I could create a pattern to help other newbies find their footing, too.


Free Quilted Placemats Pattern


The Pattern

Introducing: The Playful Placemats pattern! This is a FREE quilted placemats pattern for our newsletter subscribers, you can download it by filling out the form below. This pattern offers 24 unique quilted placemat designs using the same 24 half square triangle pieces. For those who don't know, the half square triangle (or HST) is one of the main building blocks in quilting! This pattern teaches you how to efficiently make these building blocks and all the fun ways you can put them together to make designs that appeal to you.  


Get our free Playful Placemats pattern

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    The Inspiration

    I chose to design placemats because I made the mistake of taking on a HUGE bed sized quilt project for my first foray into quilting. While I did muddle through, I really wish I had started smaller. Quilted placemats are so fun and easy to make. They are also practical and stylish! It really is the perfect first project. You can make one placemat as an experiment, two-four as a set, or make a dozen for a special occasion. This project is very flexible and the stakes are low. You can have fun and learn as you sew!


    Playful Placemats quilt pattern layouts


    The Fabrics

    The Playful Placemats pattern uses three different colors paired with a background fabric. The three colors help us to make the various configurations really pop. You can use yardage, fat quarters, or scraps for this project. You also get to choose a fabric for the back of the placemats too, and yes, these can be used with either side up!


     Free Quilted Placemats Pattern

    Free Quilted Placemats Pattern


    The Details

    My background is in garment pattern design, and when I got into quilting, I noticed that patterns skip over a lot of the basics. This is because once you learn how to do these things once, you know what to do and you just do it! That's all fine and dandy unless this is your first quilting project. The Playful Placemats pattern does not gloss over those standard quilting procedures. I have done my best to make a pattern that will teach a newbie quilter how to make this project from the first cut to the final stitch. If you are a more experienced quilter, that's great! This pattern will be a breeze for you, and you can let newbies in your life know about it. They will thank you and so will I!


    Playful Placemats pattern layouts


    Explore the endless possible combinations you can create with simple half square triangles (HSTs)! Make a single placemat or multiple placemats. Have them match or make each one different. Learn the fast and satisfying eight-at-a-time method for making HSTs and discover how easy it is to create a unique and useful quilting project.

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    Free Quilted Placemats Pattern